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Improving Soccer. One Coach at a Time.

The NSCAA offers a comprehensive yet focused curriculum inclusive of all coaches at all levels of the game.

Our staff coaches approach all participants in NSCAA Coaching Education programs as colleagues with whom we share the coaching journey. Collegiality and mutual, lifelong learning underpin all we do in our coaching education. Our mission is to help our fellow coaches grow and develop in a positive and professional manner in each and every course we teach.

NSCAA Coaching Academy offerings are geared toward enhancing the development of the broadest cross-section possible of our membership. You may enroll in a course geared to the level of player you coach. We celebrate the immense knowledge current and former players bring to the craft of coaching, we embrace coaches new to the game and we honor the wisdom of veteran coaches.


I enjoyed the organization and structure of the curriculum, as well as the high expectations that were set for the coaching candidates. It was nice to see the cooperative and engaging teaching methods of the instructors, as opposed to the historical authoritarian fear-based coaching courses that many of us are used to - it's just a better coaching developmental model for our nation.

Goalkeeping Level III

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Nora Maguire-White

Nora Maguire-White
National Staff
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Regional Director of Coaching & Player Development, SOCA Augusta (Virginia) 

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