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30 Under 30 Live Chat: Coaching at the Junior College Level

Wednesday, May 4th at 1pm ET/ Noon CT

On the Chat will be:

Amber de Seriere-Pataki
Head Coach,

West Los Angeles College

Stefan Skillman
Head Coach,

York College

Matt Dorman
Assistant Coach,
Saint Martins University

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It's estimated that 30 million people in the U.S. have an eating disorder and a portion of these people are athletes.

Erin Mandras of Kick the Scale.com is one such athlete who developed an eating disorder. She discussed her personal journey of overcoming that disorder, as well as provided advice on how to recognize problems in others.

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30 Under 30 Live Chat: Young and In Charge

On the chat will be:

Courtney Sirmans
Assistant Coach,

Rice University

Bertin Loyola
Assistant Coach,

Chico State

Christin Brodie
Assistant Coach,
United States Air Force Academy